Xylitol to Prevent Tooth Decay

Xylitol to Prevent Tooth Decay

Xylitol, which is a natural sugar substitute, can also help to reduce the risk of getting cavities by decreasing the acid-producing bacteria in your mouth. Three to ten grams of xylitol are necessary per day to help prevent cavities.

Many products, such as gum, mints, toothpastes and oral rinses, contain xylitol, although all products are not equivalent.  Our office offers a select few dental products to aid in improving the health of your oral cavity. Carifree CTx4 Gel 5000 is a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste that contains 1.1% sodium fluoride, a ph neutralizer, xylitol, and a remineralizer. Carifree CTx3 is a rinse containing a  ph neutralizer, xylitol and fluoride. This can be used in conjunction with the toothpaste mentioned above. For patient convenience, we also offer 20 flavors of  Ice Chip Mints, which can help to reduce tooth decay if you allow them to dissolve in your mouth after each meal, snack or beverage.

Products with high amounts of xylitol are typically found in health food stores or online. Some products containing high amounts of xylitol are:

  • Spry Gum    (.72 grams per piece)           xlear.com
  • Spry Mints   (.5 grams per piece)
  • Ice Chips      (.5 to 1 gram per piece)      icechipscandy.com
  • Epic Gum     (1.06 grams per piece)        epicdental.com
  • Epic Mints    (.5 grams per piece)
  • Several other products can be found online or at health food stores

Directions for Use: Use after each meal, snack or drink to help lower the acidity of the oral cavity and decrease the bacteria that causes decay. Gum should be chewed for at least 5 minutes and mints should be allowed to dissolve in the mouth.

Children: 3 to 8 grams per day are suggested
Adults: 6 to 10 grams per day are suggested


  • If you are allergic to tree nuts, you may also be allergic to xylitol since it is plant derived.
  • Xylitol can be toxic to pets, just like chocolate, grapes and onions.