Comprehensive Exam

 Comprehensive Exam

Dr. Appelbaum recommends that all adult new patients schedule a comprehensive examination where he will evaluate over 30 categories associated with your mouth. During this appointment he will have the opportunity to meet with you, check your oral cavity, and discuss your oral health.

At each recall appointment (dental cleaning) one of our hygienists will examine your oral cavity and Dr. Appelbaum will review recommended treatment at that time.


Did you know…

that screening for early changes in the oral cavity can help detect cancer at a stage where it can be more successfully treated? Smoking, especially combined with heavy alcohol consumption, is the primary risk factor for oral cancer. This combination is estimated to be the most likely trigger in about 75% of oral cancers diagnosed in this country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come in for a separate comprehensive exam appointment?

When you are a new patient in our office it is very important for the doctor to see you for this 30 minute evaluation. During this visit Dr. Appelbaum will examine over 30 categories of your mouth so it is a crucial first step to becoming part of our Riverside dental family. This exam will include checking for cavities, gum disease, signs of clenching and grinding, as well as an oral cancer screening. Dr. Appelbaum will also discuss your medical conditions, hygiene habits and diet. There is a link between your overall health and dental health so it is very important for us to get to know as much as possible about your general health so we can recommend treatments and products that will be beneficial to you.

Will the doctor address questions or concerns I have about my mouth?

Absolutely! If you have questions or concerns about your mouth you may find it helpful to write them down before your dental exam so you do not forget to ask them. One of our goals is to make sure that our patients are empowered, educated and involved in their own dental care, so it is important to us that all of your questions and concerns about your dental health are addressed.